Fees Structure & Article

Services Charges, Sinking Fund, Insurance, assesment fees and Quit Rent Monetary Requirements
What fee are applied to each parcel owners in Taman Amansiara?
Services Charges (Monthly)@ RM 65.00 per month
Sinking Fund (Monthly) @ RM 6.50 per month
Insurance (Annually/Once every year) @ Based on Parcel Size
Club House Assessment Tax once per annual
Fees Article

The said Service Charges cover monthly overhead expenses to operate the common area facilities inside Taman Amansiara in a manner where all residents have the right to enjoy at a certain degree.

The said Sinking Fund covers capital inverstments to rectify, enhance or build fixed common facilities inside Taman Amansiara in a manner where all residents have the right to enjoy at a certain degree.

By law according to Building and Common Property (Maintenance and management) Act 2007, Act 663, the Management has the responsibility to insure all common infrastructure for perils such as Fire, Lightning, Aircraft Damage, Storm & Tempest, Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption, Impact damage, Explosion, Bursting Water Tank (Main), Malicious Damage (Riot), Subsidence & Landship, Bush/Lalang Fire & Flood. Fore more details, please refer to Certificate of insurance for your parcel. This is a fee assessed pro rata based on parcel size and chargeable once per annum.

Quit rent is a form of levy or land tax imposed on freehold or leased land by a higher landowning authority, usually government or its assigness. This fee is government rated and collected by the Management office and thereafter paid to respective Land Office. This fee is chargeable once per annum.


Common area facility means a dedicated location or area (e.g. swimming pool) that is provided by the Developer and common area services e.g. roofing works) that is provided by the Management for the benefit of residents. Common area facility and services is divided into two components which is direct and indirect facility.

The list of direct facility which the residents can enjoy is the use of clubhouse facility such as badminton court, basketball court, convenient store, fitness room, community hall, swimming pool and surau. The list of indirect facility is the provision of common safeguarding for the residents in term of entry & exit checkpoint and patrolling, management office for administration purpose, common area maintenance such roofing works, common pipe problem rectification, common wall fixings and scheduled works such as road sweeping, drainage cleaning, tree trimming, brush and grass clearance, fixing roadway damages, installation of road safety items and ad-hoc works such as improving road humps or installing spot-lights for safety.

A common area or its facilities is accessible to public to a certain degree while a private area consist of each individual parcel units and not accessible to third party unless permission is given by the respective parcel owner. The term to a certain degree is owned and manged by the rightful authority which is JMB MC Amansiara. All rules pertaining to usage of common area facilities or its services is bound by the authority of JMB MC Amanasiara.